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Reviews for "SSBB Collab"

it's ok...

But kirby is the best lightwieght! Come on! :(

YK-Blaze responds:

oh don't be a fan boy :D

Here's my review.

Sound: After seeing everyone's quick vids, a couple of them didn't have sound effects at all. Though, the music and SFX both had high quality. Overall, the SFX was syncronized, the BGM was good, but you could of helped the other artist add some SFX.

Graphics: The graphics look amazing. The special effects are fun to watch. The FPS is pretty fast. My only problem is that Nicholas Deary pretty much messed up on the graphics. The reason is because instead of saving the pictures as bitmap, it was set to JPEG quality. JPEG is the worst quality to be seen on a picture. In this case, a Flash movie. What you could of at least done, Nicholas, is to set the JPEG quality at 100.

Presentation: What you all wanted to do is make a collab of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What you could of done is hire more authors. The movie was short as well. You could of at least extended the secnes a lot more to increase the movie time.

Overall, you guys decided to make a short collab. I think it was too short. You did some mistakes, but not very bad ones. This movie is good not one of the best.

YK-Blaze responds:

thanks! >_<"
i wish it would work out better... oh well.

all rounded, good collab

Well, I love the mega epic final destination music, and it went pretty well with the whole thing. Not a mssive fan of sprites, especially bad quality images (i.e JPEGs are horrible in a flash movie), but this was pretty good. However, Kirby could own Meta-knight in a brawl. Seriously. Also, maybe the templae stage instead of the super smash flash stage would have been better. Or even the pokemon stadium, its on his website!


LOADS of sprites which is kinda good thing


it was ok but thts super smash flash not ssbb