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Reviews for "SSBB Collab"

Mor sound effects!e

The flash basically is ok but it would be better if you add more sound effects and music! Oh and I recognise that explosion from metal slug anywhere!

bout time

Haha pretty good collab
liked how bowzer and metroid owned mario at the end
also i swear some of the explosion effects i saw were from metal slug... meh
anyways, GJ

YK-Blaze responds:

they were from metal slug, i don't get it, is that bad?


Well, I forgot about this collab for some time. it was pretty good. it's good to be looking back at my orginal work. The Sprite TV 3 collab will be coming out soon. Maybe in a week.

YK-Blaze responds:

add me to your buddie list!


I also noticed the JPEG quality. Could be worked on. And also as said before no sound effects. I cant add you to my buddy list for some reason. Oh well.


welll.... you should work on it a little more
don't you think that 2?
any way GREAT piece of art but don't use jpeg images

Have a great time