Reviews for "Trumble"

Good Game

I really had some fun with this game its simple and very easy to play perhaps too simple though I think you should have added a background and some music that way it will seem to have more action. Overall I think this is a good first game.

Well it was original I'll give you that

But it was also kinfa pointless, your just stuck in a rotating sphere until it becomes impossible to avoid the obsticles! Maybe if you could move the marble around while you was inside the sphere it would have been move fair on the player?
Above all it is a fairly good game and incredibly original but, without the ability to move around, your really just jumping on one spot untill you die! =(

Good for demo

just some tips

bigger screen

better visually

sound please

more animation

Good creativity with the inverse world =)


Its good when your too bored...but the game has no end,you just jump and thats it...

Kinda there,

Its kind of dull there's only one level and no background music if there was i would find this game very enjoyable.