Reviews for "Trumble"

Fairly solid effort

Sure, the game was a bit on the basic side, but it was somewhat addicting. The graphics were solid, the instructions were clear, but it was making me dizzy. Not bad, all in all.

it makes my head hurt after awhile

yes my head hurts it gets booring after awhile

It's okay!

Buuuuutttt. I think that 30 seconds is far too long for the early stages, I mean... I got bored! since games are to entertain, boredom is not good.

Now, if you wanted, you could have them be longer at the later stages, or even have those who are good enough start from a faster stage, I don't know how you'd ike to go about it, but think about those improvements. ;D

Cool game

The controls were simple and it looked pretty good. The idea is fairly original too. I was a little disappointed by the lack of sound, would have marked it higher otherwise.

Overall pretty good, although I'm now so dizzy I think I'm gonna be sick!

Good Start

Simple concepts are nice but this one needs a bit more to it. It gets to a point where all you can really do is just hold down the space bar and hope the fences keep passing under you, since you don't have enough control to change it. Music/SFX would help too