Reviews for "¥ FUCK SHIT SPAM ¥"

Don't know exactly what that was, but it was funny

It was hillarious so i gave it good marks. I can't really say anything about it because i don't know what it was.


Ummm... yeah. That was some funny shit, but i'm a little confused. Why is the Yakooza sign in the animation heaps, and what is it about?


im only just after discovering the legacy of this infamous Clock Crew... you guys rule
im a total clock crew fan... this movie is histerical

funny movie

only this i can say is...fuck shit piss! that means fucking funny.
the first time is saw this i laught really hard cause all those happy people on the fotos where attacked or something by those fucky sighns...it was funny


Its like...what its like to be knocked out at the hospital with the gas, the 3 seconds of insanity before you wake up somewhere else...very nice...i need to lie down now...