Reviews for "¥ FUCK SHIT SPAM ¥"


It's fun, but there are better things to see at

no sence

that was sorta funny but made no sence,let me ask you a question,why the fuck do you say fuck shit piss,your what like 16 or somethin and your saying 3 year old shit get a life man,please make something worth my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never knew such an insane bastard existed...

I gave a lower ovreall than ANYTHING else... This is because, whilst I feel it deserves a nine, I am not in a legal state of mind :D

Hehheh, this was cool.

Lol, I seem to have a strange sense of humor so I found this absolutely hilarious!!! ROFTLMAO!!!!!!!


That was the funniest scariest wierdest awesomest thing i've ever seen.