Reviews for "Hunting A Hydra page 5"


apparently nox likes to look at guys butts..... *hint hint*

Fatchaos responds:

Bah, he's a troll, I have no clue about his true sexual orientation, not that I really want to know, either ^^

Lizard is missing an anus

Hi fatchaos, I would rate this a ten, but I noticed that the lizard is missing his butthole. This is a very amateur mistake and I am going to have to deduct points for that.

Fatchaos responds:


Pretty Amazing

Your artwork is pretty amazing. I saw the other 5 pages of your comic and decided to make a condensed review here on this page. I like the story line, the way you drew the expressions of the individual characters, and your attention to detail. Not many ppl know a little detail can go a LONG way. What threw me for a loop was that Yellow went from a playful, bubbly personality, to a big horny sex addict :P goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Also i think that Red is secretly enjoying this but is too afraid to let her true feelings show as she is afraid of what the others will think and if they will think any less of her. Anyway great artwork and keep it up.

P.S: not sure if this has been asked yet, but when is page 6 coming out??

Fatchaos responds:

Well, I tried to focus on expressions and at least add some details into it. Hah... I wasn't completely sure how Yellow would end up when I first started thinking the plot trough, but it just kinda got to me that under that kind, shy shell of hers is a rather... wild beast.

Red is also tightly packed in a shell of hers, and it's left to be seen if it's finally broken as well.

Well, cannot say for sure, I have a lot of stuff to do before that, but I'll try to get it done ASAP I get chance to draw something not already on my to do list.


Hey, if one of the three are doing this unwillingly, would that make it 1/3 rape?

Fatchaos responds:

Can't say for sure... Maybe? I dunno.


This isnt as funny as the other ones but still great shading, expressions, and colouring like you always do. Im also giving you a ten becuase I am strangly aroused by this...im gonna go to theropy soon :P. Great job!

Fatchaos responds:

Yes, this page was very different, and I guess the humor wasn't as plentiful as in the other pages. Ah yes, this page had a special care with colors ^^

Hahah, nah, it's... "normal". Kinda. Yup!