Reviews for "Spyke"

too short

too kiddy/. the winning sound at the end of the lvl, YAY, makes me feel like im an old ass who plays children's game and im ashamed of it. would be better if the level is longer.
graphic is neat and cute. music is v appropriate.

too bad. its an ad.

Kenney responds:

Games only have an age restriction, not an age limit.

God I hate ads

The title says it all. You play for 5 levels and just when it gets challenging, they show this cut scene of a big robot boss attacking then tells you to go to their website. :/

Gameplay, simple enough a retard/your mum could play it.
Graphics are... alright. Really simplistic and childish
Sounds and music rather annoying. :/

Over all: Below avarage. Not worth going to their website.

Kenney responds:

So, you hate that people make money and are able to buy food? Yeah it sucks.

Its okay

its okay


Nice job for a game. I saw it being darn near impossible later on, which it wasn't. If the game was longer, it would be excellent. If the levels were a LOT longer, the game would be excellent. If I the game wasn't just an advertesment to play the game somewhere else, it would be excellent. The levels also took a wee bit too long to get started, too. Anyway, the music was good, and so were the graphics. Nice idea, but it needs work. :c

fun but

it pissed me off i didm't land on the cati and they still got me