Reviews for "Spyke"

XD coooooool.

true to form I said "I'll get up to level five and be get blown up."

and as if by magic...

Nice graphics, lovely music and good sound effects. looks like a perfect score to me.

Its ok

Not bad but there are better ways to kill 5 minutes, really wasn't expecting a giant robot with laser eyes. Was semi tempted to play the rest of the game but then I remembered I wasn't 6 years old.
If I was it would have been great :D cute game with pretty graphics

great job

one of if not the best designed games i have ever found on newgrounds


good job.
only if u die u have to go to the start again thats getting anoying.
But i like the graphics they look awsom.

nicely done, almost

nicely done on the graphics part (if u animated the bouncing of the ball itself it would have been much better) - not a bad idea in itself but u didn't push it far enough

the levels are way too short, and way to easy to even be interesting...