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Reviews for "Subterfuge"

Good, but could be better

I like the whole board game styled strategic element to this game. This would work well in multiplayer. Maybe some different graphics instead of just circles with letters defining what unit they are? Also, given that there's a story-based campaign to it, maybe some screenplay to get the players into the game experience.

Geat game but has i have problems during gameplay

no comment

pretty good

fun game, but freezes sometimes

Not bad. Not perfect either.

Not a half bad game. I love playing chess and stratego, and the whole strategy aspect is great. Especially the Challenges... wow my brain hurt after that.

however the lack of action, for instance when a assasin takes a mercenary, a movie shows an assasin walking up to the mercenary and stabs him in the back or somthin. ofcourse for all the easilly disturbed, there should be a way to disable that but its just a thought.

Another is mebbe a multiplayer mode, oooor a high score thing, of who beat the game fastest, with as few loses, both combined, and best at challenges.

hopefully this helps with a subterfuge 2.0, to which i look forward too ^_^V

Not bad.

Well-made and fluid. Elegant and simple. Still, the game is basically Stratego, and if you're going to make a more-or-less Stratego clone, you need to fix just a few things. Like make a unit that can take out a bomb. Or to distinguish from Stratego a little, make certain units with special powers. Keep up the good work.

DiffusionGames responds:

Hi, actually the Scout unit takes out bombs. :> Thanks for the feedback!