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Reviews for "Subterfuge"

I ended up enjoying this game! I really have no idea how similar it is to checkers or chess. I got the first level beaten. That's probably the closest I've ever gotten in one of these games. I'm not interested in playing the rest, lol. It was really nice to see how it was unique. Actually, that's another game, but that's another story...

I think the sounds are nice. You have great mobility. You should have that in a game like this. I wish I knew what the title meant. It's something in German, I think.

GJ ( Good Job )

Can play this for hours.


It's one of the best games ever!Suddenly very short...

You Play a Mean Game of Chess

Nicely done, good story, good game (i love chess) good job!

Liked it but don really understand

i like the game overall but i have one question what can the leader do? So far the only i've seen it do is die against literally anyone i asked it to attack.