Reviews for "The Binding of Fenrir"


Did anyone else notice that namco stole the names fenrir and glepnir for the game acecombat X?

charyoshi responds:

did you also know that they are powerful dark magics in fire emblem 2, the sacred stones?


:3 well first time i´ve seen a flash about anything norweigion on newgrounds

charyoshi responds:

wow really? nothing about odin or thor anywhere? weird.. oh well, I can live with it. It makes me "origional". lol :3

Now that was pretty swicked!

Okay, never heard that story and I really love it! At first it flipped between the pics a bit too fast, and the audio kept going loud and quiet. But for being an assignement that wasn't boring and had good humer, not bad at all.

charyoshi responds:

yeah, the reason for the voice volume switching in and out was because the voice guy was a total flake and would only record about 30 seconds of his voice at most. This was done at both school and home, so different computers had different voice recording capabilities, thus the fluxuations. Not much I can do about it now. XP
Anyway, thank you for the kind review, and I'm glad you liked it!


One of my favorite mythical creatures. I truly enjoyed and appreciated the story. its completely different hearing it rather than reading it over and over and over again. Thank you.

charyoshi responds:

O.o wow...you're welcome! thank you for the kind review and glad that you liked it.

I really enjoyed that story!

thanks :)

charyoshi responds:

You're welcome :D