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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"

Great Game

Muffins FTW!

It is a wonderful game. Although the story kind of came from no where. The only thing that I want to know is the songs.

Title Song?
In-Game Song?

Please respond with the names!


Weaksauce responds:

You should E-mail or PM HouseMasta, he's the one who did all of the music. Glad you liked the game.


Absolutely wonderful; we should get married.

Awesome game!

I love every aspect of it, the draining health making sure that you don't take your time, the graphics were good, the music was awesome. I loved it!
Bit too short though.

dug it

Fun to play, & the music was gnartastic.
I can't find where to play the song anywhere else, so I kinda got addicted to this game, strictly to hear the song, lol.
The muffins were great, & the health system was unique, & a pleasant change from the usual.
Congratz to all 3 of you crazy cats.

easy and fun

I call it: Easy Fun!