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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"


I kept runnin in circles...
hehe hilarious!
and fallin off the stage....

So I'ma keep playin so I can just run around in circles

muffin madness

brilliant game, good controls, well drawn ,good ,if a bit, odd storyline and a catchy tune

this game is manic

however, the controls moved a tad quickly, for example when you move, it seems to slide too much, even when on the grassy surface.

i liked the different muffin power ups. it keeps you on your toes a bit.

i like it :)

...I suddenly want a muffin.

That was frikken funny! the little cartoon part of it was pretty good, drawn very well. I liked the whole runing around thing... then sumarilly getting squished by the giant tetris brick like thing. oh that will never get old.

Next time mebbe more levels, more of a story line (mebbe somthing indiana jones-ish), and mebbe somthing more than muffins... like... cookies... or... waffles. mmmm... im hungry now. hope your happy. ^_^V

dug it

Fun to play, & the music was gnartastic.
I can't find where to play the song anywhere else, so I kinda got addicted to this game, strictly to hear the song, lol.
The muffins were great, & the health system was unique, & a pleasant change from the usual.
Congratz to all 3 of you crazy cats.