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Reviews for "Magic Pen"


That game is Awesome fun to play, and really inventive. you did a wonderful job


this game is also on iphone but this versions better :)

Simple and fun

I enjoyed this game very much, and can find little flaws in it.

The only thing that I would suggest is a darker background, and a pen that isn't so vibrant - or at least I think that would be less distracting. faved

Greaat game!

Having played the second one first, and reviewing it, I must say the wind is a nice addition. Also, the last level after all the regular levels is nice, a sandbox mode would be cool.


worst game ever LOL just jokin IT WAS THE BEST GAME EVAR
score on music OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!!!!
score on funness OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!!!!
score on well nice things OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!!!!