Reviews for "Madness RPG for your PSP"

Nice idea

I liked how you attemepted this game, keep it up, more animation could do alot.

plazma1 responds:

yeah but i tried to fit in sleep animation and work animation and that stuff but the total size was then 50kb, and it won't fit on a psp then.

Pretty nice, but missing something big.

I really like the idea, and I myself have tried to make some games just for the psp, but...it an rpg right? You can't fight...?

plazma1 responds:

well if it were 1kb bigger it won't on PSP so it would of taken like 100kb for a fight thing. Sorry

Level 30554 Lol

I wonder if you people used the mouse instead of the keyboard :P
Simple: Press the Tab button sometimes to select the button (Sleep, Study) that you want and then hold the Enter button.
Just get some intelligence and then work. When you get enough money, use the above trick and select Work Out. If you get bored of having your finger on the Enter button, just put something on it. After some minutes your level and strength will get over 10000!

plazma1 responds:

same thing i do.

Hey he tried

it is a great idea but needs improvement. It has some quality scripts that maybe half of you cant do...unless you do flash...It needs violence and some more use of all that stuff and when you run around you should make it so that you fight people with the strength you have. It is a good shot but poorly made into a game...5/10

Just needs a ame behind the stats

The system works, but you need a graphical interface and goals to work towards, like stickRPG