Reviews for "Madness RPG for your PSP"

wack and cant fight boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggg ane lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee


i want to downloud it but how

Hey he tried

it is a great idea but needs improvement. It has some quality scripts that maybe half of you cant do...unless you do flash...It needs violence and some more use of all that stuff and when you run around you should make it so that you fight people with the strength you have. It is a good shot but poorly made into a game...5/10


Simply put, this game just is terrible. It looks like you put SOME effort in to it, but not enough. There's only one piece of "art" in this entire thing, and it's the spinning "madness" guy. I see already some negative reviews, but most of the people that review are right. This just isn't good. Also, what's the point of making this for the PSP? What makes this so special that you have to make it dedicated for the PSP?

Anyway, here's a constructive summary:

- The "Engine" of the game itself isn't half bad

- Very minimal, very little graphics
- Very boring, not enough options

I don't recommend having another shot at making a madness RPG again, we have enough madness crap on newgrounds, why do we need more? No offence. Move on to something else, something that you can make within weeks or months, not under an hour.

plazma1 responds:

im not moving off this. this is only a PSP version so it is small. the PC version will be like stick RGP with turn base battles and much much more.


this game is terrible u cant do anything ill give u a two for the animation and run around part but wot r u supposed to do with streagth and stuff nothing

plazma1 responds:

strength can get you XP