Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

best evar

this is the best shooter game ever i would rate this 11/10 it i could

i love this

its what i want to see in a game but i feel it needs a "ingame" level editor becasue then you could upload the levels in a code so please can play diffent levels

Excellent, superb

never before have i felt like this about dry erase boards

excelent all around, timer was a bit difficult to beat but just takes a little work
and is as difficult as it needs to be,

I especially like the referance at the end to the first A-bomb test

ChopRaider, (salutes) you are a rockin game


I drew it up on the big white board at work, ppl though I was nuts until I showed them what it was... now no one is doing their job...


the fact that you get at least 30 bombs to start makes this game GODLY

and kinda easy too

i added this one to my favorates