Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"


Qwerky, Imaginative & the graphics are intresting.

Things to work on, if at all possible to make the helicopter smoother when it moves and it seemed a bit heavy (I realize that they are heavy vehicles but regardless; they're not usually driven via a keyboard)

Overall a very awesome game.

To Jonruy

Obviously you need to buy a mouse for the laptop. Then try playing these games, I have a laptop and a mouse. I works perfectly fine. Just get off the computer long enough to actually BUY the mouse. Have a Nice Day (:|


The game itself was very fun, and the varied mission goals (Rescue the POWs, etc.) were quite interesting. The story was well developed (The end was sad, not as in "it was bad", but as in "Cry cry sniffle poor pilot waaaah")

brings back memories

Reminds me of grade school when me an my friends would draw things on white boards and then erase and redraw them in different positions.
I like the effects of this game, the ink effects go light and dark randomly like when you press too lightly with markers. When you blow stuff up, it looks like it's been freshly erased.
The game play is simple enough, simply fly around and drop some bombs, the simple approach seems to be one of the best, as you don't have to remember stupid buttons and gives you the needed sense of security.
One thing I also liked, was the physics of the bombs, like when you go too fast and they fly out further then if your stationary. Maybe I'm over examining this game, but I really did enjoy the living crap out of it!


this was a good game, and dont listen to the guy below me, because its not very hard to hit the space bar with your thumb. Seriously gustifo, dont be so lazy.