Reviews for "DJ Runaway - Acid Stab"


I really loved the way you peiced it together. i use acid 5.0, have you ever used it, and if so, do you still like fruity better, because alot of people are tellin me that they dont like it.

i would like to know what sounds you used, if you feel like tellin me, and possibly what synthesizer you use. i use roland fantom xa, alot of the sounds u used, i thin ki might have.

maybe if your up to it, you can pay me quid pro quo and review my shit. it would be much appreciated.


DJRunaway responds:

I've never used Acid (except 1 time, I thought it was...weird), so I can't really give a good opinion about that... I used a costumized Saw, the same I also used in "Together". I never really used hardware, but I wish I had sum... I'm jalous ;) Anyway, I will listen to your songs (only 1 so far, so that's quite ok;)




i was checking out your stuff after watching Timefight. i'm sure glad i did. this song has "boss battle" written all over it!

acid stab is one of the best songs i've heard on the audio portal, and that's saying something, with the comptetition from paragon and all them.

i use FL Studio 5 as well, but i'm nowhere near as good as you. the rhythm in this flows perfectly throughout the song, and that calm part in the middle-ish ties it all up, perfectly, by helping to emphasize the more hard-core parts in the rest of the song.

i'm definitely downloading this. and i'm gonna check all your stuff out (: amazing.

DJRunaway responds:

Omfg, thanks for that godly written review man :) Reviews like these keep me goin' on :D I can give ya some tips :) Just add me on MSN ! :D


Love it

I wnated this one ever since I heard a short intro of it at the 10 second collab and at the title of donutmaster. in one word: *cough cough(Dammit, got a terrible cold)* ehh... I wanted to say AWESOME

good tune

heavy goods tune mate hope tae hear more later

BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!

Exhilarating music that made me make it #1 on my list. Totally action-y and deserves the rating of 10/10. Listening to this song makes life worth living lol.