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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

Some things

I thought yes a new indestructo game hooray!
But it wasn't as good as i expected:

-Sometimes when i steer with the arrow keys my tank won't move. I was doing the don't hit a helicopter challange and i tried to dodge a bomb but my tank wasn't responding and i came on the bomb and destroyed the heli :( And sometimes when im comboing the arrow keys steer strange and i come on the floor again and my good combo fails...
-The fuel gauge is emptying fast i think. I was in level 7 and made a 23 combo almost 25 but because the tank didn't respond on my steering i fcuked up and didn't made 25. And i amde that 23 combo and my experience gauge didn't fill up that many and then i died...

Can you fix this, or is it supposed to happen?

Anyway the game was really fun and addicting again!


It's good. Love the graphics. Also the faster pace is neat too.

Would be nice if there was new music after this many versions.

Why is the screen so small? The others ran at much higher resolutions.

Bombs seem useless now. They fall too fast, and are hard to land on, forcing you to rely on bouncing off planes. This unfortunately causes problems in later levels as you need a really high score to advance and if you ever get a moment when there's nothing on screen, you're screwed.

Has the same problem as the last one.

Even with high level upgrades, theres times when nothing comes on the screen for at least 5 seconds, which keeps me from ever getting a good combo.

Bleh, gets old after playing the first one.

Game is designed fine, and is fun to play, but it is too similair to the original.


Oh Armor Games, half are good, and half are crap. This is definitely a very good game from you guys!