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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

Good enough...

Yes, the graphics are good but (like Tivaelydoc said) the music is annoingly repetitive and you waste fuel while in the air so sometimes, even if you can continue a combo, you have to go down or you will explode in mid-air....
Ah yes, and nice zoom effect...

like a cross between the first and second

It was pretty good. Nothing I haven't seen before though (your last games). But I like the 2nd better

Another awaesome episode

This time it was mega fun dude l liked the grafich too keep it up man

Love it

Very entertainment and the game play looks way better now!!!

Quite flawed.

I didn't even know that this was a remake until I read the description, but I can see a few awesome upgrades. The graphics, most notably, were definitely beefed up. Although, I care more about the game play then the graphics, this game play wasn't really lacking at all. It seemed almost the same as the previous games, but it felt more tweaked and perfected, with the physics and whatnot. That's about it though.


Ok, this just may be my motor vehicle training, but if an engine is off, then no gas is being used. There are several cars, like the Prius, that shut off the gas and run just on electric. So, why in the hell would you make the gas keep running while you're airborne? This makes no fucking sense. There are several ways to overcome this. One, have the energy slightly boosted every time you blow someone up. Two, make the fuel blood so that when you kill pilots, your fuel increases. Or three, the simplest answer ever, no fucking energy is wasted while you're in the sky, so there for you have time to get all the explosions you need.

Problem number two, why do they only fire one oversize, yet undersized explosion, bullet? I've seen helicopters, they can hold two or three bombs at least.

That leads onto the next problem, why can't you chase the helicopters? Your fake dynamic screen is really limited because you can't chase the 'copters. Add to the fact that they shoot off the screen, only one round, and end up chasing an invisible wall. Maybe instead of a scrolling background, why not an actually level? One where you can speed up or slow down, depending on where the enemies are on your radar.

Radar is another problem, but small. One, the red blips don't go away after they are destroyed until about a half a second later, which is very annoying. And two, they don't help you predict when an enemy is coming because they only show up when the enemy is there and not when they are coming.

A few extra improvements would be more medals (higher combos and stuff), more game modes (such as combo only, if you touch the ground you die or maybe height game with enemies on every elevation +/- 100 feet of you, with high scores and stuff), cheats or unlockables, new enemies or bosses, and maybe some customizability in the tank.


The music acts funny, sometimes it loops, sometimes it just stops. And the mouse focus thing was weird too. Again, that sometimes didn't work and when it did, it made it a pain in the ass to continue playing because one, our hands are on the mouse and not the keyboard, and then, two, when we move our hand back, it doesn't move because we haven't clicked, so it's really annoying.

Doesn't need work, but it would be nice to see in later versions. Overall:

Gameplay: 8/10 Definitely upgraded from the previous versions, but still had some technical difficulties.

Music: 1/10 One song that looped forever, well sometimes it disappeared.

Graphics: 9/10 Superb, just could use a little customization.

Interactivity: 8/10 Co-op looked nice, multi-player would be cooler, but aside from a few little problems, it's quite alright.

Originality: 7/10 It's a remake.

Overall: 6/10 and 5/5. Pretty decent, few things I would consider if you make any more sequels. I don't mind the music loop being played in the menu, but a few extra loops wouldn't hurt.