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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."


Better than the original : )
Actually made me register a NG acc finally.


Brilliant. Best one ive ever played! Once you get into it, you start getting bigger and bigger combos! Keep it up!


This is even better and more challenging than the original!!! Awesome graphics! BTW thanks for sticking to the original music ^^

i love this one

The co-op was a great idea and the only thing i am begging u to do is to make lvls for this like itank 2in co-op mode
that would be really fun

Excellent remake, but...

First, I loved IndestructoTank 1 and 2. So much fun, and A.E. does not disappoint. The improved graphics are great and the gameplay is still addictive. The standard mode is devilishly hard, making it a good challenge.

But... the gameplay seems to have been tinkered with, and the result leads to less predictability of the spinning of the tank after explosions and making missing much easier. Also, the overkill of planes in the upper levels made the job quite a bit harder. (I know, I know, you DON'T have to upgrade, but it's pretty easy to think you have enough to max out when you don't!)

So if you thought 1 &2 were too easy, and you want a challenge, A.E. is for you. Fun!