Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"

that was great

it was awesome you got your own style but i didnt get the last part of the movie, other than that gr8 work mate!!

vlaktemaat responds:

glad you like my style! but what didnt you get exactly? batman punches robin!
and then the credits show...:)

The rudeness.

Thsi was not so rude then the last one. But this one was grouse. I liked it. Next time try to combine grouse , twist and rudeness together to make one funny animation.

vlaktemaat responds:

ill keep it in mind...next one is about wolverine...so rudeness, twist and groseness will be merged into 1 "vlaktemaat-styled" movie!


That's some great animation there. Really detailed and fluid. Kudos.

vlaktemaat responds:

thanks! this is my first movie combining tweening and animation


Gotta love this movie, it's full of fine humor!

vlaktemaat responds:

thnx! tell your friends:P