Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"


This song is amazing! Truly! I was insta-awed by it. OMG now I the original tune is going. EPIC ending mate, seriously. Only thing I can possibly think of is try layering a lower pitch with the wub wub so that it has som bassy vibration to it. Maybe it won't work with this, maybe it will, but I think it's worth a shot. Very pro song. And was that the laugh of the windmill man laughing thrown in there? Very nice. Keep it up mate!

Solkrieg responds:

This was BEFORE I knew how to create hard core dubstep, expect another remix!


This was everything a remix should be and MORE. You started off nice with the piano, and after that I just got lost in this song. My favorite part by far was the ending because I could picture every zelda game the song of storms is in. After listening to this song 3 times without realizing it is an achievement good sir. 5/5 10/10

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks for the review!

Wickid man!!!

Not too many song make me want to say this...... I wish I could give this a 30/10

Solkrieg responds:

Thank you! I know exactly how you feel :P.


why do i really feel that this song can be mixed with lavender town?
... oh well, please try it for meh, the guy with no musi capabilitys!
and btw, love thi song :D

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks :P. This song's BPM is much greater than Lavender Town's. This tune is too up-beat for Lavender Town. It's more of a "Creepy-Dub".

Also, grats on number 50. :P

I am a huge fan of LOZ, and this remix of Song of Storms makes my list of songs I would pay for on Itunes if it were there. This is wonderful, and the additions are obvious without being overpowering. Wonderful job.

Solkrieg responds:

Thank you for the review!