Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"


I very much enjoyed listening to this song, in certain parts i personally over did it in certain parts considering what soung your remixing, i think if you added the accordian or piano to this it would be better, otherwise great job my good fellow

Solkrieg responds:

I am kind of confused but thanks!


Im goin on your facebook page!

I love the bass! sos as it should be!

Solkrieg responds:

Damn right ;)!

Awesome :D

Song of storms is my favorite song in the Legend of Zelda!
you just made it even better thank you!
Also are you going to do another Zelda song?

Solkrieg responds:

Yes, I will. I've decided I will redo (chosen) remixes every year. This one is one of them for sure. I'm already working on the second Lavender Town ;).

This is just...Magnificent, Wonderful, Fantastic, Beautiful,That which is the Song of Storms.

Please make more, it fills my heart with joy to see a great piece of work be turned into something like this