Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

hate to be mean

look i dont want to be mean or anything but i didnt really understand it
but let me give you some advice the graphics: great! the mouth movement: not so good and also add some sexual laughter you got this vid rated for all Audiences thats not good that means theres no!!! absolutely no funny in it well it may be funny
but not but fucked ok!!! add some real!! humar

RubberNinja responds:

Sorry, but this cartoon is produced for a PG rated show. So I'm unable to do such "humar".

hahah very good

very good flashes about the differents kind of gamers.. maybe you can make a angry gamer flash...

To all button mashers

I do it too, STFU, its a legit tatic

It's pretty good

but is it REALLY good to warrent more episodes

that was great

Funny, true and could be watched over and over. I hate it when people button mash, by the way.