Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

I was very impressed by the high score. I loved how it started off differently. It's always good to have variety. The GT keeps reminding me of "Dragonball GT". Super was much better. The music's great too.

It was fun to see this animation as well. I'm more into platformers. I felt the length of this was pretty good. Well, they're usually all the same length. His voice is so funny.

street ighter ftw

What about good sportsman ship? What are you talking about i dont play sports hahahaha

not the first one I've seen... may help if I did in order

Funny parody, once again!

Sadly, there's a lot of gamers that are like that guy. Thankfully, the true sportsmanship gamers are more common, otherwise, I would have stopped playing video games long ago.