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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"


That was just like the first one kinda just funnier.
You did a good job there =P

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you

There were some pretty weird moments there.

Now that Cannon thing I wasn't expecting This movie was really good. It sucks that you won't be able to finish the series though. But we all got other things to do right? Good luck on your other projects.

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you very much


That was magnificently done! The artwork was extroadinary and the voice over wasn't bad at all....I like that you actually got a girl to do girl voices.

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks!...And yes, girl voices usually are done by girls

Nice and Hilarious XD

omg, when Sora made that funny face my laughter almost killed me. Looking forward to more of your work on the next chapters XD. On a side note when I got to travese town I was lvl 25 from training on the island and clobbered leon there. Embarassed himself when yuffie showed up. well that was very relevant to the review but oh well. keep up the fantastic work...

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you very much!

never expected cid to do that

it was good. Did you know the are coming out with 3 new kingdom hearts game for more info try to respond to me and get email i made a email adress ill do my best to get you some info. FYI the platforms for them are Mobile phone, PSP, and Nintendo DS and send me some more videos of this i like kingdom hearts

cobra0528 responds:

Yes I know all about them...actually I know all there is to know at this point...I hope someone makes a computer emulation for 358/2 Days because I am not getting a DS...Birth by Sleep I will get that because I have a PSP...and Coded...I will get if my cell can handle it. Thank you for the review