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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"

I have nothing left to say but..


cobra0528 responds:

Thank you again

Another great one.

This one had better voice acting, haha right from the game, too! I thought the fight was just a bit too short but I really liked the animation when the Guard Armor assembled and the three of them were looking up at it when it was all menacing and stuff. The music was perfect again, as well as the ending. Now I'm off to watch the others! (:

cobra0528 responds:

I am glad that you liked them

WAts the ending song

Do u mind if a ask wat the ending somg is not to be rude if thats private

cobra0528 responds:

Nope...it's not private...it's from the game. "Simple and Clean"

Still not enough

This is good, well made but as I explained in my last review on the series, you need to have more details from the game.

The fight was just too short, make the fights more dramatic and exciting not just a 1-2 hit and they are down.

But as usual the animation, music and voice acting is very good and I love it when you make those extra funny moments xD

cobra0528 responds:

I know what you mean(critic-wise)...glad you liked the funny parts, thanks for the review!

Really good!

It's really well drawed. It really seem like the real one but an anime version.
And the story is well guided by the game.

I guess it's awesome...
People who have played (like me) will understand and like better this animation.
Good work! :)

Again... really close to the game..

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you