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Reviews for "this flash fails"


I love burritos >spanish> Master young donkeys


Dkimmortal responds:

omfg lol


taken from:
hello everyone! i like to eat chicken while choking my brother.

it turned into:
Today vs! When it eats my brothers of sister and sister, it suffocatesitslurps Ithechicken and iincrease,!

confusing yet hilarious 10/10

Dkimmortal responds:


Fully functional, and hilarious.

A nice gadget.
This one won't make sense in any of them:
Oh no! I lost the remote controller in the couch while watching television.
The funniest in my opinion:
No oh! I lost remote regulator in the armchair thus far nablyudayushchtelevision.

Not of the Oh! I lost the regulator moved away in the sofa whereas itwatched the television.


Input: Oh shit
Output (Thru Korean): Ohio human waste
HAHAHAHA! That's great!

Dkimmortal responds:

Korean always seems to have Ohio somewhere in it, lol


These are from English to Japanese:

Sent: It doesn't matter, now what happens. I will never give up the fight! Long as the voice inside tells me to run and fight, It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right!

Results: As for that something which happens, now is not important. I do notabandon fight under any condition! When inside of voice moves long,informs the fact that it fights to me, by mistake it issimultaneously, or everyone's oven is the range depending whether itis the right, someone is not important!
This is funny!