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Reviews for "this flash fails"

good allaround

i liked it its kinda funny i just wish the timeouts would stop but good job

Dkimmortal responds:

No more timeouts now :D

The penis is good because of linkfan23...

This is amazing!
Original- Penis is good for linkfan23
Engrish- The penis is good because of linkfan23.

Dkimmortal responds:



It's a neat little translator program and it's funny to see how things get mangled sometimes. Only complaint was that is was a took alittle bit for it to do a small sentence.

your idea is funny...

but it doesn't really work all the time. it keeps saying that it is "timed out." I really can't score you that high if the thing does not work.

Dkimmortal responds:

Fixed now


was really really cool but the music.... i hate it xD

Dkimmortal responds:

Yeah the music is pretty annoying... but oh well i couldnt be bothered to remove it xD