Reviews for "Anusboy"

Ummm, that was...

That was the most randomess movie ever
well maby not
but wow it was random
and entertaining
but ofcourse not the best ive seen
but it was still better than what i could have done
my animation sucks
thats why i make games

Nice work


the art was very impressive I missed the point of the flash I'm sorry....I was intrigued by the art..


hope anusboy doesnt go to jail

Yeah like the other guy said

It was good in the fact of making is disgusting looking but like really do we need more kids watching a video about shooting up teachers and classmates? Don't think so.

W-P-S responds:

I think they should look at allot more and realize how bloody daft they are.


Sorry, that's all I can say because, frankly, you did put in effort, but the flash is not that good. I know that goal of it is to be grotesque. You did a DAMN good job in making the repulsive characters look extremely morbid. However, I do not agree that flash is very funny (if its point was the joke, you could easily had it put in a 5 SECOND flash). If I ponder on the different details maybe I would reach to some conclusions about the meaning of the flash that are deeper than the most obvious ones.

I, however, find your movie pretentious.

Graphics: 10/10
Audio: 8/10
Content: 6/10

Overall: 8/10