Reviews for "~SM64 - Road to Bowser~"

Amazing job! :D

This was awesome! I really liked 1:25 and on and it loops perfectly. Keep up the amazing work!!

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you; that section was actually what inspired me to go through with a whole remix. I sat down at my piano one day--just goofing around--and I liked what I came up with. I'm thrilled to hear that you did to :D

Thanks for your support.

You have my vote.

Wow impressive as always Can't write anything new that the others haven't already said. 10/10

VGSongbird responds:

I've got that other song for you too the next time you're on messenger.

awesome remix

i love the acid back up sound, i like how you gave it a personality like most of your other songs and its awesome you took on this song (which is hard to do right) and managed to hold your own against paragonX9's track.

VGSongbird responds:

WHOA. I don't know about hold my own against ParagonX9, but I'm flattered that you even mentioned us in the same breath ^_^


Like always, a great mix and a fine salute to the music few people outside of our generation will listen to. I enjoyed the counterbeats that the percussion set up, and the techno hits add a great flare to fiery tune. I especially enjoyed the piano section halfway through the tune. It takes away from the fast-paced beats of the music, and lets you enjoy the piece for what it truly is.

VGSongbird responds:

I really enjoyed arranging the piano track. It just felt natural coming out :D
And I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it too ^_^

Thought it sounded familiar...the sounds i mean. Yeah, i used to use Mixcraft until my trial ran out, and now i use FL studio. The reverb on the piano at 1:31 was heavenly and amazing! Everything after that was also awesome! same with everything before 1:31 too..............in other words the whole song i amazing! great remix! one thing i would do though is have the bass levels a little higher.

VGSongbird responds:

I'm almost always against using the pre-made synths, but this time I really wanted to use that one. And I'm not trying to hide anything. I do use Mixcraft.

I do need to work on getting my Bass lines a little more prominent. I'll keep that in mind ^_^