Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"

cool little easter egg

on the scene with chell messing with the turret, if you pause when the turret shoots the rocket and zoom in it says"incredible short range nuclear missile"


your a robot u cant have a period
well im perioding right now
see what i did

>_< epic i expect to see more good flashes from you m88

all the beST

XD orange box is awsome

and you'r PC look's just like mine XD


E-P-I-C, even now that I've seen it four times already :D...

I just don't know...

This was so great I don't know how to put it... I just simply don't know! And why did you remove the Portal one? I read the commentary about that it was because people might get annoyed by the Babyish Voices but I was OK with it because it was exactly how the Turrets speak in Portal! You should have left it in! Oh, and I really think you should make a Half-Life 1 Parody! This was so funny! I exept to see more funny parodys from you! And the fact that the Barn was larger than it should have been in the Team Fortress 2 parody made it funnier! Keep up the funny parodies! (And work!)