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Reviews for "OrgLIX Stickers"

Pretty good.

There's no doubt in my mind Roxas and Axel are gay for each other.

Tetsubo responds:

Most of the pairings were already there to begin with based on fanart and such.

Patrick ftw!

I was laughing through the entire thing. good work.


Tetsubo responds:


Never thought of that stuff

You captured the Nobodies' character perfectly, even if I sort of expected Sora to have a traumatized look. The idea of Demyx being the idiot was great too. I always considered him the dombest of the 13, even if he was the hardest to beat (Why the hell would it be game over for only knocking out a musical note and it being .5 seconds from death?). The thing with Diz was hilarious. I never thought he was yiff with Mickey. The best part out of all of them tough was the newest addition, Patrick.

Tetsubo responds:

Check out the main site to read up on the parodies of the characters and listen to many more episodes (in audio form only though), there are some great Demyx episodes and further 'yiff' references from DiZ whom I take no responsibility for.
It should be mentioned that I didn't write the script like I normally do for my projects, I only animated this so direct all writing and idea compliments to the lovely Orin Drake who created Patrick as well as provided the voice for it.

Not bad.

I've never actually played Kingdom Hearts before but I found this to be amusing anyway.

Tetsubo responds:

Glad you did since half the jokes come from references, the other half from the minds of the writer/s, I believe our Saix voice actor hasn't played KH either but embraces the character and enjoys being part of the experience.


This was actually a pretty good flash movie!
You have SERIOUSLY gotta make more!!

Tetsubo responds:

I plan to, I just have a busy schedule at the moment. Thanks for the comment.