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Reviews for "OrgLIX Stickers"


that ending was messed. lol the guy wants mickey mouse lol.
definitely a funny one.

Tetsubo responds:

Just one of our DiZ's many questionable traits, it gets worse, check out the main site if that grabs your interest...

What the hell

That was funny ^^

Tetsubo responds:

I can only take credit for the visual gags, the jokes themselves were written by Orin.

wow still

i cant believe that pokemon are still kicking around, great flash

Tetsubo responds:

Just for this episode they are, thanks for the comment.


That is soooo funny. The idea was dumb, and I got bored somewhere in the middle of the movie, BUT HELL! It was hilarious. I'm gonna go check out more of your stuff!

Tetsubo responds:

Thanks I guess, you might want to check out the main site and some of the episode sets future plots and running gags into motion and might make more sense if you listen to other episodes/audio soundtracks.
I don't have a lot of Flash movies that weren't done in university currently and therefore not much up on Newgrounds but feel free to check out my early Flash and hand drawn work at my YouTube account (http://youtube.com/user/Tetsubo6)


heaps cool

Tetsubo responds: