Reviews for "|-\Victory/-|"

Boom Goes the Dynamite

No but seriously, this beat is amazing I would definitely listen to this at any time of day and just "vibe" as my cousin would say. Dude....just dude. 10/10 & 5/5 Stay Gold T~T

O-Prime125 responds:

I'll stay gold alright, have some hot shit coming in soon, stay tuned bro! ;)


Wow, the collab idea was GENIUS. Nice work dude, the original is awesome but this is even better.

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks a lot bro :)

Nice, collab was great idea!!!

I actually like this way better. I mean the beat was friken awesome, the original stuff, the break with the strings was a great addition with the perfect ammount of reverb, nice 808 drop there after the snare roll, & awesome synth added in there with the song at the end. I feel that this was truly a good experience for you 2 since the song went perfect! Great job again, glad I could hear this on my B-Day!!!
10/10 & 5/5

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks man!
Awww Happy birthday! :O

My dads birthday today too! LOL ^^

so swag

enough swag to feed kids in Africa lol! nice bro but i think it should be 50/50, more fair that way!

O-Prime125 responds:

Lol alright bro whatever you say. :)


there is a nice feel to it kinda uplifting i think more couldve been done with it though its good but just feels a bit plain

O-Prime125 responds:

Lol...dude there has been more done to this, it's after 2:15, like I said this is a preview, im not submitting full songs here anymore, reason why is people just 0 bomb it all the time, I can't be assed to put em on here, that's why I've started selling ^^

Thanks for the review though!