Reviews for "|-\Victory/-|"

i love this song

its hard to make a music like this, but it is cool buddy ;)

O-Prime125 responds:

thanks :)

Men I love this song

Every day I listen it for hours ... Its awsome :D

O-Prime125 responds:

Haha thanks

Love your work!

Beat go hard, mane! I'm always looking forward to what new and amazin' tracks you create. Much respect

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks man, really appreciate it!


hey this is beast man can use this for a rap

O-Prime125 responds:

For sure...if ya gimme the link to the final finish...:)
Also ask DJM00se for permission as I collaborated with him on this one.

My Subwoofer..

At around 1:10 my subwoofer just started bouncing and my whole house couldn't even handle it. Neither could my ears... It's just so addicting to listen to. Man I wish I could make beats like you, Keep it up! :)

O-Prime125 responds:

Wow thanks a lot man lol ^^, you will someday dw, practise a lot and you will :)