Reviews for "Unforgotten Podquest 1"


U pulled this off almost flawlessly like SirSchnoopy would do but mike voice is fked up but i love ur effort and could bea co-series (Magic coseries music plays) 10/10 5/5 and reccmonded for series.

Rob is so pissed off at you.

Stop making us look bad!

Great Job^^

ST1 you outdid yourself. My absolute part of it was the magical dragons with snakes for hands and feet and are equipted with magical badger wings built for chasing adventureres down bottemless pits... The main thing that I have to say is anyone reading this should really go to urealms.com to see Robert Morans original work and hear about all his secret assigments. Other then that I really enjoyed the movie^^ But I suggest that you don't release the others here and let them come to us^^

in a darkness where time hung out with the land...

an exilent animation for the audio clip. good graphics , funny , everything is great.

submitted to Urealms collection

St you rock

Cant wait to see the ones for the other episodes.

-Keep it unreal