Reviews for "Unforgotten Podquest 1"

very nice

The characters are a lot like the real ones. I really like this :3


I was expecting suckage... but honestly this is great, the characters are more or less like the real ones.

Unoriginal, but great

That was fairly good. I was expecting it to be bad as most people don't do unoriginality well, but it is good. The voice acting is good and the story has me laughing as I write this down. Well done


Too funny! I love the voice acting...very well done!

Ah,Classic Unforgotten Realms

Animation greeat......i like that hitler thing with Mike...lol

But you just ripped the 'sprites' off the actual UF. Elumus's hand is the same except not holding his staff.

Speaking of staffs, where is his staff?