Reviews for "Metro.Siberia"

What the hell

This obviously isn't done because every time i hit new game it just started opening advertisements again so is there anything more to say? Not playable.

Awesome !

That was fun and kinda hard but thats what makes it a chalange

wow wat a game

that was well mint lved the retro feel though not much of a story basic but chalanging eccelent %u263A%u2665%u263B


Kind of a stolen/borrowed concept of the classic Helicopter Game, but very nicely executed. Although the graphics were a bit too hypnotic for my taste. I can still see little blocks in front of me while I'm writing this review =P
Anyway, good stuff!!

Old Skool, I Luv it

Damn i Luv this game man. Ya know Old Skool Game, Old skool music, Easy controls but hard. Its word a 10 definatly