Reviews for "Metro.Siberia"


Great game, I like it. =D 5/5

Amazing Game!

This game is simply amazing.
A great addition to the keep up games like this.
The graphics/levels were very well put together!

If you make sequel consider these:
More Areas
Maybe a story or like a level mode.
Different Ships.

Well great game! 10/10 5/5


Great game, I've played the old arcade version and you did a great job with the game. I especially liked the little messages at the top and the collapsing tunnel/falling spikes/all of that other animated stuff. 10/10 :D

Hey its the game made into a a tut on EF's blog!

Great presentation and music. Well coded and good graphics, it's win-win!

Plus there will probably be a flood of clones of this game due to the tutorial on it. D:

Well made

Basically a clone of the helicopter game, but with good graphics and a few neat additions to the gameplay.