Reviews for "Rambo2: First Slug"

Better off on YouTube

Its a sound design, and a basic one at that. I give you 4 for humour, but this is the wrong place for it man.

MindChamber responds:

I agree, I should just sit with my hands on my ass like you do.

Verry Niiiceee

It's so funny that with all those guys in the cage, they couldn't escape for themselves but Rambo just walks in and rips the cage door open with ONE HAND!! lolzorz


Lol, the excessive thank yous at the end made my day. I dont care if it isn't flash, its still funny as hell ^.^ nice job


This is hilariuos...but if only life was a video game. lol Nice work keep it up.


Mindchamber, can you do wrong?