Reviews for "Rambo2: First Slug"

I mean...

It was sorta entertaining...I guess

MindChamber responds:

it isnt supposed to be entertaining. its a Joke, you watch, you giggle, you move the fuck on.


Metal Slug sfx added to a Rambo movie... Love it, good idea. It needs to be a tad longer, and there were way too many 'Thank you's. Overall, 9/10.


lol loved how it had the metal slug sfx added!!

Front page?

This is pretty amusing, but it's about ten seconds long and probably took 10 minutes to make. I feel like this is something I'd find on break or ebaums... but not the front page of NG.

MindChamber responds:

Lolz. yeah someone thats been on NG like 3 months is gonna dictate what goes on the frontpage.

its a fuckin joke, get the pole out dude.


Funny as hell. XD
Rambo Slug FTW! >3