Reviews for "Paper Chase"

Short, but sweet

yeah that was some good animation and music. you should somehow make a series out of this.

A Favorite

I really loved the idea of it, it was amazing.

yeah i was like :O or xD but tbh i kept watching it, and tbh thats the key.
As some have previously said, your style is a charm, and i hope you keep that, its very nice and professional, i really enjoyed this!

Maybe one more person involved might of been nice for length but still not mandatory, great job! looking forward to seeing more !

absolutely unique

One of the smoothes flash animations i've ever seen, not to mention it's original concept and art style.


nice animation

that was really fun to watch and enjoyable

Well done! Great animation, colors and fluidity! Μπράβο, υπέροχη δουλειά!:)