Reviews for "Paper Chase"


Great animation and story line for such a short movie.
this is one of the best short movies i've watched in a long time
and also.. the change of color from scene to scene.. i thought that was a very nice touch

also.. its kinda nice to see something every now and then in the top 5
that doesn't involve someone dieing or the word fuck.

overall.. great movie

2 Thumbs Up!

It was a great Flash! Congrats on the Front Page! You deserved it! It looks like a professional cartoon which is on one of the Major Companies like Cartoon Network. I found it flawless! Nice Backgrounds and coloring, along with smooth animating! Good Job! 10/10, 5/5! I'd love to see more of your work!

really cool

vey stylish way of animating, i was pretty sick of all of the egoraptor-esque animation out there, but ng seems to be getting some really talented and creative animators lately, good job!


that was wikid coz the animation was like cool


thiss was gooood :P