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Reviews for "Squidgy"


Got to make another one: the colors were great, the concept was great and it was a new style of gameplay. 10

Pretty good!

It was kinda easy, but it was a lot of fun to play!


you need ot find a way to stop the lag though.

Great game - although sililar to zwingo

ya - like the subjuct said it is very similar to another kabomb production - zwingo...

I found it a little too hard to die - so it wanst challenging enough for me...

6 stars


For some reason I thought the game was called Squishy and thought that it was another 'eat and grow' game. Oh, Squidgy! Well, it was fun for the first 3 minutes. After that, it became a high score game. It is like that one arcade game where there is no end and guys keep coming at you and you keep doing your thing. After awhile, it gets kind of old.

Don't get me wrong, the game was fun and interesting. I just wish... I wish there was something more. Lacking additions.