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Reviews for "Squidgy"

I loved it!

Very addicitive and original. Great idea especially the whole movement with the mouse. THere must of been great AS, aswell. The colours were very cool and made the flash feel very spacey.

Mindless but fun

I like the way the game plays, and the graphics are really nice. There's only one problem with the presentation here: the enemy bullets are the same color as everything else, making them extremely hard to see (and thus, avoid). Overall, though, nice job!

Boring and repetitive but it has one good point.

This game was way to repetitive its just the same thing for about ten minutes and the music is just as repetitive and by the end i just wish it would stop. The major bummer from this game is that it was just to stupid easy. The game was far to easy to win and the enemies didnt change much througout the whole thing adding to the repetitiveness. But although the game lacked gameplay i have to say that it looked very good but not good enough to get you any more that a six. If you ever make a game that looks this good and has better gameplay let me know because ill gladly play it.

I loved this

Fun and addictive, i like the music and the animation. high five


I played this game, because even though I HATE mouse games, its only fair to try the game before you blam it.
Then it turned out to be fun, and I had to give it a 4 out of 5.
Keep up the good work, and put a notice in your descriptions, warning us that we probably won't be able to blam your game in good conscience!