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Reviews for "Spanish Pirate Robot Fren"

I agree with the below guy

you should put this in the Video Game genre. It is very well made, though

commandycan responds:

When I was looking at the sections I figured Video Game implied strictly remixes of pre-existing work. Now that it's already in the Techno section I'm not too sure how I would switch it over. No big deal, I suppose.

Thanks for the review regardless!

one word:



this is incredible!!
you have some serious skill!!

Sweet Jesus!

I had an 8-bit-gasm. I love 8-bit, and I would love to make 8-bit (but FL won't cooperate).
More to the point, this is great. It's my new ringtone. And it goes into my iPod.
Bless your heart.

Wow,surprised me.

I did not expect this awesomeness. Whered you get the idea/inspiration for this if you dont mind m asking?

commandycan responds:

no specific inspiration, there was an 8-bit competition and there was a deadline, both of which can actually serve to be some great motivators. i wanted to make a good impression!